Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Get optimal connectivity at cost-effective rates with fibre leased line connection

Gone are the days when businesses rely on dial-up connections for Internet usage. Going with the cut-throat competition in the market and increasing dependency on Internet for a variety of activities, businesses look out for a speedy and highly reliable level of connectivity. Fibre leased line connection is emerging as the best option for Internet connectivity. Leased line is basically a dedicated line that provides assured Internet bandwidth and helps businesses to connect two remotely located offices. Leased line connection is best for businesses that have heavy telephonic and Internet usage and also for those whose offices are located in more than one location.

Fibre leased line connection is a continuous service and the information sent via leased line travel along dedicated secure channel, reducing the barriers that occur in a shared network as happens in broadband connections. Hence, with leased line your internet connection won’t slow down at peak times. When it comes to compare broadband solutions and fibre leased lines in terms of speed, then again leased lines suppress broadband as broadband solutions offer speeds of up to 100 Mb while fibre leased lines can offer from 1Gb to 10Gb. Undoubtedly, effective communication is vital for the success of most businesses. Hence a permanent, highly reliable and cost effective connection is of utmost importance for ceaseless and speedy communication between business locations. A point-to-point leased line service is also emerging as another reliable solution for such communication needs. Point-to-point leased line service comes with a fixed amount of fee for a set duration and service capacity. In this type of service, the fixed points in a private network are connected via dedicated digital circuits that show a discrepancy in terms of speed and capacity. Point-to-point leased lines are considered as best for businesses as it acts as a dedicated connection between two business sites that is utilized for voice and data communications.

Ethernet Leased Line Internet is also an ideal solution for you if you are scouting for a fast dedicated connection to the Internet and also considering connecting two offices together. Ethernet offers enhanced network performance at also very cost effective as compared to traditional leased lines. Organizations of all shape and size can afford Ethernet network connectivity as it is easier to manage, offers flexibility, simple.

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